What companies REALLY want from HR software

A recent report from Software Advice (Human Resources Software, BuyerView, 2014) provides valuable insight into the major pain points organisations are experiencing in their HR departments and their key requirements when needing to implement HR software.Key findings include:
  • Over one-third of those surveyed were using manual HR systems, so were evaluating HR software for the first time.
  • Over one-fifth of respondents reported using manual methods in combination with some other system or outsourcing.
Both points illustrate how HR departments have lagged behind in implementing fit-for-purpose software systems. However, in 2014 a tipping point has been reached with more and more companies recognising that the time and resources that can be saved, in addition to the autonomy which can be achieved, all serve to propel an organisation towards business growth and increased profitability.
  • Almost 60% sought a best-of-breed application.
This preference for best-of-breed applications is a key benefit of Salesforce.com, on which XCD HR is hosted, which enables our customers to pick XCD HR and other best-of-breed business apps all on a single platform.
  • Key driver for first time buyers of HR software - to improve efficiency.

  • Users looking to replace existing HR software systems typically do so to add extra functionality.
  • Almost 80% of respondents expressed a preference for web-based software (NB: It should be noted that XCD’s cloud HR solution is accessible via a web-browser).
  • Over 60% of the sample want to implement a system in less than 3 months (NB: The typical timescale for an XCD HR implementation is less than 3 months).
  • The majority of buyers in this survey were SMEs.
If this study has caused you to question the suitability of your current HR systems, please submit an enquiry via the ‘contact us’ page of our website to learn more about how XCD HR can help optimise HR in your organisation.

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