What can Salesforce do for HR?

Salesforce is famous for its CRM Application and more recently has received many plaudits for the underlying platform. And if you ever get chance to analyse other Applications that are ‘native’ (built on the Salesforce Platform using Salesforce tools) you will find huge overlap in capability. That in a nutshell is precisely why people do indeed build native Applications – because they leverage the underlying platform.

So what does the leverage comprise of? Included but not limited to:

In-built security model and authentication that protects your data and controls who can see what at a highly granular level.

User interface and navigation scheme that is automatically mobile and accessible from phones and tablets.

Powerful reporting and dashboard features with a drag’n’drop interface.

Workflows and approval capability that can be configured to suit your needs.

That’s all very well you might say but what’s that go to do with HR? Well, as the world is continually changing so is the world of HR. As Organisations strive for flexibility to respond to the changing environment, regulation, competition and opportunity the same responsiveness is now demanded from HR.

The processes that can be automated will deliver productivity and time saving benefits. Your HR system can no longer simply be a system of record. Providing self-service will push responsibility out to the people who are in a position to know which data is accurate and giving access can eliminate vast amounts of HR requests.

However, the greatest change we are seeing in HR is your HR system can no longer simply be a system of record HR has to be a system of intelligence and decision making.

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