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As wonderful as it is to find a new hire who has all the right skills and talent to fulfil the gaping hole in your workforce, how many times have you left the onboarding process to chance or forgotten to fill-in the abundance of forms to ensure everything is ready on their first day? Let’s not beat about the bush here, this is generally a time-consuming process which gets delayed and more often than not, when the new employee starts, they have to sort some of the elements out for themselves….

New phone and laptop, new starter forms detailing all personal information – some manual forms to be passed to the necessary contact or simply word documents to be emailed here there and everywhere, holiday entitlement calculations and setting up on the local spreadsheet. System set-up including email, finance, CRM and folders, booking onto induction courses and much much more. The fact is, there’s a lot to remember and it’s important to get this right because not only will that employee want to make a good impression on starting, but the company needs to also because there are strong correlations between good onboarding programs and processes and increased retention rates.

The beauty of a high spec HR system is such that all these processes can be set-up in workflows to ensure the responsible manager knows when and how to initiate all of these items. Reminder emails will be sent with links to the relevant forms on pre-determined deadlines. All you need to do is input the start date and this is where the process begins. Essentially, the system organises you…In addition, how would it feel to be able to send a link to your new starter before they even begin and get them to fill-in all their personal details, meaning all this information is prepopulated? A prompt to ensure they’ve been booked onto the next induction course? Prepopulated holiday information? You get the gist…

We all know that feeling of starting somewhere new and not having anything setup and feeling slightly out on a limb with nothing to do. Automating the onboarding process prevents this and ensures your new starter is confident in the company and its business ethos and has everything they need to get started promptly.

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