Tailored Performance Management processes: The XCD HR solution

Businesses somehow need to measure how well their employees are performing to ensure strategic goals are achieved. Of course this is hugely important from the employee’s perspective also to ensure they are happy & motivated, working to their best ability and as a consequence, rewarded for their good performance.

Historically, performance reviews were exhaustive paper-based forms, circulated around a business from managers to their staff, then back to managers and then on to the HR department. For a global business with hundreds or thousands of employees, you can only imagine the amount of paper-work this entailed and the room for error and inconsistency.

Thankfully, these days cloud HR solutions are available and these processes can now be automated and streamlined. At the click of a button an employee can receive an invitation to a Performance Review delivered to their inbox, from which they can login and add their details. Once it’s saved, another click of a button sends this to their manager for approval. All parts of the process are automated with email notifications and the time saved across the business for all parties involved, in particular the HR department is immense.

Moreover, here at XCD HR we tailor Performance Reviews to your specific requirements because at the end of the day, each and every company is different in the way these processes are formatted and run. From this perspective you come to realise that it’s almost impossible to buy an out-of-the-box HR solution because no one size fits all.

For some companies, gone are the days of long mundane forms with countless ratings which only take place once a year. For example, an interesting article was recently featured in the Washington post regarding a new approach to performance ratings from Deloitte – here they talk about their aim to simplify their process.

However, if companies want to take a similar approach or create a bespoke process for their business then they will need to adopt a flexible HR solution which is fully configurable and can be tweaked to meet their unique business requirements. This is where XCD HR can help, so please contact us to arrange your free demonstration.

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