Salesforce as an Internal Social Collaboration Platform

Salesforce is extremely powerful – Not only is it the world’s number #1 CRM platform, but so much more…. HR Magazine featured an article today entitled: Becoming digital inside out. This talks about how many companies focus all their efforts on making the most of digital technologies for their customers but, internally, they have a patchwork of antiquated software packages, devices, and internal ways of working that are fit for a bygone age.

How many of you are reading this and thinking to yourself, this is so so true? And, what is the most important asset of any business and can help drive productivity and revenue…people of course. So it’s imperative we keep our people connected and working in the most effective way possible.

Salesforce is also a social collaboration platform and internally, allows us to connect, engage and motivate employees to work efficiently across the organisation, regardless of role or location. This means we are suddenly able to share knowledge, files, and data, and connect with experts from across our organisation regardless of their role or location.

Just think of the amount of wasted skills within a business….. Yes, we all use the skills needed in our current jobs, however do our colleagues across the pond for example realise our capabilities and how these could be utilised in other areas?

For example, if I had difficulty creating a PowerPoint Presentation or calculating formulas in Excel, who do I go to for help? Who has the experience to guide me through this process and show me what to do? It’s inevitable that there will be somebody who is more than willing to support you but how do we find out who this person is? And, what does this mean in terms of time-saving and ultimately cost savings…..

If we take a closer look at Salesforce Chatter, this provides a forum for each and every person to share insights and propose new ideas and to share the skills they can provide to their colleagues, whatever their location. You don’t have to be sitting on the same bank of desks to share these key skills.

Moving forward and in support of the article in HR magazine, it’s imperative we remove silos to support collaborative and innovative thinking. Adopting technology such as Salesforce for internal communication purposes as well as customer relationship management is a huge step forward in changing internal working cultures, retaining talent and increasing overall productivity. Surely we’d all be silly not to….

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