Revolutionising the Best Practice Approach to BPO Fully Managed Payroll

Symatrix provides a BPO Managed Payroll Service to many clients and is now responsible for the payment of over 250,000 BACS transactions. We apply a new slant on the best practice approach which, operationally, embeds the Symatrix BPO team in your organisation to ensure that the business benefits on which you built the justification to outsource are realised.

Having built up our experience over 18 years we have a team of payroll experts with the operational knowledge and experience which allows us to offer, as standard, unparalleled service level agreements of 99.75% and as an extended service at 100%.

Below we outline exactly what we mean when we talk about best practice and what it looks like when it comes to payroll.

• A key principle is to deliver a service on the foundation of a single application to automate, empower authors of change (your Employees and Managers) and minimise touch points and duplication of data across the business (build an effective, lean process)

• Data is “owned” by HR, as they own the policies and rules of occupational schemes and contractual entitlements

• HR and line management are in effect the data controllers, as they control and update the data in the system and the rules behind how the gross data is made up

• Approvals are managed by HR/line managers, the underlying application automating these; payroll have no responsibility for approving data, they are in effect the data processor

• Payroll are responsible for the statutory elements to payroll (statutory absences, involuntary deductions such as court orders, tax, student loans etc., HMRC filing) and the outputs (e.g. payments, payslips, reports)

• The role of payroll becomes focussed on adding value to the process rather than processing data.  Value add includes, receiving your employee queries, extensive checks, reconciliations and reporting, audit and compliance and customer satisfaction (the customer being the employee).

The Symatrix BPO Managed Payroll Service model is based on best practice, and therefore manual intervention and rekeying of data is kept to a minimum (some statutory data can only be entered by payroll). Our clients embrace the power of the application and automate standard process to increase data correctness, remove duplication and deliver payroll right, on time, every time.  Automation is the key to the service as this takes the burden away from HR, freeing them up to concentrate on other key objectives rather than spending massive amounts of time on manual processes and administration.

This is what allows us to offer such excellent service levels around accuracy.

The best practice approach is the benefit of such a product, and what will give you higher levels of accuracy and significant cost savings/ROI.

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Richard is the Head of Sales and Marketing at Symatrix, and has more than 20 years’ experience in HR and Payroll services and solutions.  He has been at the forefront of changes in this sector by leading the sales team at the launch team for the first internet delivered HR and Payroll solution with RebusHR and then picking up the launch activities with the first web native payroll service model at ADP.


With all of this experience he understands the strength in linking technology, people and process to achieve service excellence to his clients. Living in the beautiful town of Pateley bridge, North Yorkshire he and his wife enjoy walking and exploring this area of outstanding natural beauty.