KPI’s straight to your inbox – Yes, it is that simple

A little about KPI’s HR departments have a defined role in helping a business to achieve its strategic goals because of course the success of any business is down to its people. So how employees are recruited, trained, managed and rewarded all contribute to the success factor.However, while the business objectives and strategy may be clear, how can you tell if your HR department is actually on track? This is where KPI’s come into play…KPI’s are, of course, extremely important when it comes to any department within a business, not just the HR. I think of them as the backbone of an organisation. The aim of the KPI is to help management understand if they are on track to achieve their business goals and consequently to bring about improvement and focus attention on these areas.How technology can help How do you currently capture your monthly KPI’s?If you think about an HR department, there are countless KPI’s you will need to keep an eye on. For example, health & safety incidents, sickness, number of performance reviews completed, new starters/leavers and cost of training to name but a few.This is a lot of information when you consider these are only a selection of any HR department’s KPI list. So if you’re currently using paper-based/manual methods to record this information, you will undoubtedly be spending a lot of your precious time compiling reports and dashboards, simply because this is the only way you’re able to measure your KPI’s.However, an HR system will do this for you….What exactly will it do? You can get all the data you need sent straight to your inbox, whenever you want it. It can be set-up in any way you want and will arrive by email as a report. This means no more messing around trying to get the data from the various different sources. It will all be in the system and you can sit back and let it come to you and then utilise the information as you normally would. And of course this means that you can use those extra hours to concentrate on the other important tasks.For more information, please contact us now.

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