HR & Payroll is up in the Clouds:

Human resources and payroll are also shifting towards being housed within the big fluffy thing in the sky.

Today everything seems to be in “The Cloud”. Whether it be some photos from last week’s family barbeque, or whether your business’ personnel files, the potential applications for the cloud are only limited by our imagination. Furthermore, the cloud has given smaller companies the chance to rock the proverbial boat insofar as it has blown the market wide open by increasing competitiveness through cost reduction, greater flexibility, elasticity, and optimal resource utilisation. One direct example is that of a business’ vital processes within human resources and payroll are also shifting towards being housed within the big fluffy thing in the sky.

At first glance, one would think that putting such sensitive data in an intangible thing external to your own premises would be risky. However rest assured it’s entirely secure. XCD HR’s new payroll system is no different. In fact, because XCD HR’s payroll system is based on Salesforce’s already superb platform, it means that the data is guaranteed to be secure. The physical security of each facility is comparable to the best civilian data centres in the world, while the network uses the same world-class security as the global banks use for their transactions. It’s because of these measures that you will be able to rest easy at night.

XCD HR is the first ISV recognised partner on Salesforce able to provide an integrated HR and Payroll solution, meaning that as a business you will no longer have to juggle two, three, maybe even four programs for these core processes. This will save you vital time and effort when completing these necessary computer automated tasks.

In fact rather surprisingly, HR professionals can spend up 70% of their time completing administrative activities. What is more worrisome for them is that senior management are expecting their HR professionals to complete innovative transformational work to improve the business. Consequently, if a business were to use an integrated HR and payroll system, it would enable these HR professionals to strategically fulfil their objectives.

The potential of “The Cloud” is clear to see, and those sceptical of its security are right to be so inclined. Nevertheless, the most common misconception is that the majority of data breaches come from outside the organisation, where the reality is that you are more likely to be breached internally. Experian claims that employees caused almost 60% of security incidents last year. Therefore it makes perfect sense to train your employees in what I would term “Cloud Etiquette” in order to minimise vulnerability, while also creating a number of security policies in order to protect the business.

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