Do you know how many first aiders you have on-site at any given time?

Unpleasant though it may be, accidents do happen in the workplace. And, in such an environment, it’s extremely important to provide quick medical attention until the emergency services arrive – On average it takes 8 minutes for an ambulance to arrive…..

The amount of first aiders within any one business depends on its size, but below are the current guidelines and the minimum legal requirements:

Without an HR system in place, it’s very difficult to keep track of who is a dedicated first aider. Not only this, but do Managers have a view of which first aiders are actually in the business at any given time? Managers could be signing off annual leave without realising that they are now left with little or no first aid support on one particular site.

However, an HR system will allow you to have a calendar view which shows both first aiders and absence approvers and this can be used to ensure the appropriate cover is in place. A happy workforce all round…

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