Directors and Managers – Time for a Christmas message

As 2016 comes to a close, Managers should take into account how their employees may be feeling at this time. It’s the time of year where people think most about their life and their situation and time away from the workplace means that they have the time to reflect. So, it’s extremely important to give staff a psychological boost at this time of year. This may sound simple, but a positive Christmas message from Managers and/or Directors is extremely important to ensure staff leave for the year feeling valued.

Let’s think about our own experience. More often than not, the run up to Christmas can be a busy one for those employees who need to complete certain work by the end of the year and similarly it can be a quiet time for others where projects have ended and workload will increase in the New Year. Both scenarios can be hard on employees in so far as some individuals will be completely burnt out by the time Christmas comes and others may feel utterly bored and unstimulated by their role and the duties it brings.

Whichever camp you’re in, think of the difference it would make to have a timely message from above. If Managers were to spend the time either writing a Christmas message, presenting this message in front of employees or via webinar for example, this could make a real difference to how employees feel over their much deserved break.

Christmas is a time for giving and spending time with people and appreciating them, the same goes in the workplace.How would you feel if your manager rounded up the department and took you all down to the staff restaurant for a coffee and delivered to you a message….Thanking you all for your hard work over the past year and looking forward to the year ahead.

Even if this year has been a tough one….all the more reason to end on a high and pick out the positives. If you don’t, you could risk encouraging talented employees to add to their list of New Year’s resolutions, i.e. ‘Find a new job where I feel valued, communicated with and fulfilled’. Or even worse, they don’t leave but come back utterly de-motivated, with lots of negative energy to the office.

However, if they leave for the Christmas period feeling appreciated, then as a business you will have your workforce returning in the New Year motivated and full of enthusiasm to work hard and work their way up in the coming year.

Top Tips: – Successes of the year– Focus on projects and people who have really made this happen, rising stars etc. within the company– personalise this as much as possible without ostracising employees– Strengths of the company– What’s coming up in the year ahead– A final thank you and warm wishes to employees and their families for the Christmas period

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