Cloud technology and flexible working

Gone are the days of businesses owning or renting office spaces costing the earth and employees facing long arduous commutes to get there. Advances in cloud technology and technology in general now mean we are able to work more flexibly and many employees now work from home. Of course this depends on the nature of the business but flexible working offers many benefits for both the employee and the employer.

The benefits of flexible working Running a business from an office is extremely costly when taking into account everything you have to pay for including servers, support, furniture, equipment and bills etc. Of course there are benefits to having your workforce situated in one location, however, modern technology enables us to communicate in such a way that this is no longer a necessity.Instead we are now in a situation whereby we can work from our homes with the help of new technologies including cloud computing, 4G, Skype and broadband etc. And the benefits for doing so are huge. This means we no longer have to pay the aforementioned running costs on top of wages, but instead can focus your spend on growing our business. Not only that, but research into flexible working has found an increase in motivation, productivity, employee retention and improved customer service.Yes you will need to put your trust into your employees, but as noted above, employees tend to get more work done without interruption, their motivation to work will increase and as a result….so will their outputs.Cloud technology Ensuring you have the technology to support home working is most crucial element here, so employees can work with total flexibility. There are various systems and documents your employees need to access on a daily basis including email, intranet, HR system, payroll system to name but a few. So how is this possible?Cloud technology incorporates infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS). Cloud technology allows business applications such as XCD HR to be accessed from a web browser. Your company will benefit from the following:
  • Reduced spending on infrastructure/capital costs: easy access to information with minimal spending up-front on hardware, software and licensing fees
  • Streamlined processes – Automated processes ensuring greater output
  • Improved accessibility and hence flexibility – anytime anywhere, meaning employees no longer have to work from an office space
As more and more businesses adopt Cloud technology applications to increase their potential, it becomes increasingly important for those yet to adopt newer technology to understand the benefits and concept of cloud computing. Using cloud technology and systems such as XCD HR, businesses are optimising the way they work whilst supporting the growth of the company.

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