Cloud HR solutions – trends in transformation

Human resources departments around the world are facing an urgent demand to deliver services which align with their employee – or should we say ‘customer’ – expectations.  Many of us enjoy a rich, typically technology driven experience throughout our day to day lives and have a legitimate expectancy that the ways in which we engage with our employer should follow suit. Furthermore, companies who are effecting HR transformation (such as the deployment of Cloud HR solutions) have an equally legitimate expectation that adapting to this demand will result in a better quality of engagement with their workforce.

During the course of a recent webinar conducted in collaboration with, Marc Solow, an industry veteran and HR Shared Services Practices Leader for Deloitte Consulting LLP commented on these and other issues as he shared some of the key trends he has observed in how companies are approaching HR transformation. Two of the most notable were:

1. Cloud and Proud

Benefiting from the latest improvements to on-premise applications can be a frustrating process. This is due to both the demands on time this can make upon an internal IT department and the potential complications of the upgrade process, especially if any customisation work has been done. Conversely, Cloud HR solutions typically provide for automatic upgrades and licence numbers are scalable inline with fluctuating headcount. In turn, this enables IT & HR to focus on their core roles and key business priorities. Cloud HR delivery is very much seen as the preferred approach on the whole.

2. Systems Integration as a stimulus

This was commented on in a recent XCD HR blog (here), and the requirement for the majority of companies is for a single, fully integrated solution. Not only can the value of an integrated solution be seen in terms of cost-efficiencies and data integrity. It also minimises the necessity to train employees and administrators to use only a single platform, and can make the vendor selection process far simpler. For example, if you are choosing to invest in a platform you already trust (such as it can negate the need for the repetition of lot of diligence work already undertaken.

Some companies have looked at as an agility layer providing the infrastructure for HR service delivery.  However, XCD HR, as a native solution goes one step beyond that. Having been specifically devised and built with the platform in mind, XCD HR provides for seamless integration of key modules such as Core HR, Performance Management and Recruitment, comprehensively leveraging the power of the platform to deliver robust Cloud HR solutions.

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