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In terms of reporting it’s great if we want to get some quick and easy information about our employees. So for example if we are looking at ethnicity from a diversity point of view or male female split or whose got a visa that’s expiring in one of our global locations. The whole system is more streamlined. The value is that it’s future proof because it’s built on Salesforce because as you want to customise and roll-out more things you know you can build something in the system to do it.

Hydrogen is a global specialist recruitment business, placing exceptional, hard to find candidates globally. Operating from 10 offices divided between the US, Europe, Asia and Australia, Hydrogen combines international reach with local expertise and specialist knowledge.


Recruitment is a people business and Hydrogen wanted to get smarter with their people intelligence. While parts of the business had excellent reporting capabilities, HR was lagging behind with crucial people information still held in spreadsheets – Their systems just didn’t match their ambition. The challenge was to do more than simplify and unify their processes; Hydrogen wanted intelligence around the employee journey from an HR perspective.

"We knew the first step would be to get a new system and to centralise all of our people information into it. The second stage would be to get the process under control and get some gates put in place for some of the more important things like pay rises and promotions. Once that was completed we knew we would be able to look at what people management information we needed and start building that suite out.” 

- Amber Hyatt, IT Director, Hydrogen Group

Why Hydrogen chose XCD HR

“We felt XCD was a good fit for our size of business. We didn’t want to be buying a massive chunky bit of software and not even using half of its capabilities. We were actually going to use the full capability of what we purchased and we could add modules on for an additional cost later on as and when we expanded our deployment.” 

- Amber Hyatt, IT Director, Continues


We implemented XCD Lite to get Hydrogen’s basic HR information under control and all staff are now up and running with the system. Hydrogen is currently in the second phase of implementation. Amber Hyatt describes how the solution is working.

“The implementation of phase one went really well, really smoothly. I don’t think there were any issues that weren’t ironed out. We like the fact it’s built on Salesforce. This is definitely the way to go for us. We already use Salesforce for our front office, so it’s made it easier to get engagement within the business and very easy to support from an admin point of view.”


Better reporting, a simplified system, less time wasted on manual tasks, all the important information to hand; some of the results Hydrogen has seen so far.

“It’s a very scalable platform for a small to medium sized business looking to turn their HR department into a more proactive one. It’s HR coming of age.”

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