A major step forward for Eastleigh Borough Council

Eastleigh Borough Council is a medium-sized district council with a £65m turnover and big ambitions. With over 450 employees, they have recently delivered a diverse range of capital projects focusing on putting the community and customer first. Associated to this was a major restructure with an overall staff reduction of 20%.

As part of a major cost saving initiative, Eastleigh Borough Council undertook an entire review of their application software catalogue with the aim of providing more efficient customer journeys for internal and external users. They were also looking to consolidate the vast array of systems into a common solution that would give a single view of both customer and staff information.

It was agreed that a single solution HR/Payroll/document system would help overcome these challenges, centralising all processes and data globally, and reducing revenue costs.

Following the procurement process, XCD were selected due to their ability to deliver a single solution that consolidated all HR, Payroll and document requirements using one database, removing the need for further integration. As the only HR solution built on the Salesforce platform, this also meant it met all the requirements of Eastleigh’s new IT structure and the overall aim of a common underlying platform throughout the authority.

Despite being in the early stages of ROI calculation, Eastleigh Borough Council were able to identify clear ROI in the reduced costs of a single-solution, with financial revenue savings of over 20%. With eagerly anticipated plans to further roll out the self-service elements to over 100 remote employees, the ‘easily accessible anywhere’ solution will soon provide even greater benefits than those already achieved. 

“XCD is a true single-solution which meant we didn’t need to worry about integration risks and were still able to have all of the functionality we were looking for. The base Salesforce platform also meant all staff would be able to use the system be they on the move, working remotely or working from home.” Jim Nicholson, Digital Solutions Manager

Click here to read the case study on Eastleigh Borough Council.

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