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It’s time to make the complex simple

Take control of your HR processes with XCD, the single-solution HR and Payroll software which helps put you back in control and achieve more.

Designed for organisations with over 250 employees who are experiencing business growth or transformation, XCD keeps all of your data and processes in one place, freeing up your time to add even more value and make human resources work for the business.

As the only single HR and Payroll solution on the world’s number one cloud platform, Salesforce, our software removes the risk of integrations and instead provides an easily configured, online self-service software for forward-thinking organisations.

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Core HR

If you're looking to transform the way your HR team works, minimise the time spent on administration tasks and concentrate on the bigger picture, ultimately reducing costs, XCD is the cloud-based HR software for you.

Employee self-service that allows you to dramatically speed up your processes and decrease the likelihood of errors

Reduce admin tasks through automated workflows, which simplify processes, reduce errors and drastically reduce output

With all of your data in one place, providing one central source of truth, you can now deliver real-time, accurate reporting at the click of a button

Company Dashboard XCD HR Software

Payroll and Reward

All of your HR and Payroll in a single solution, which means all the information you need is centralised, resulting in a shortened Payroll cycle, saving you weeks of work.

Weekly or monthly timesheets that support varying combinations of flexitime, overtime, TOIL and more

Manage complexities with public sector pay elements, such as Local Government pension, spinal points, multiple posts and more

Ensure compliance with HMRC regulations and your organisational procedures

Inbuilt workflows and alerts to reduce administration time

Payroll Report XCD HR and Payroll Software

Talent Management

People are a vital part of your organisation, so it’s important to effectively manage all aspects of your talent management strategy. Reducing admin processes allows you to spend valuable time future-proofing your team.

Intelligent HR recruitment software using our online portal to create, approve and publish vacancies

Easy to manage performance management tools, proven to increase the number of appraisals completed

Centralise all information to set-up, track and manage your training with ease

Talent Management XCD HR Software

Time and Expenses

Reduce the time spent on admin tasks and ensure you pay employees accurately and on time with our time and expenses management software.

Track employee and project time easily and effectively

Seamless and flexible timesheets allow for accuracy, timely completion and reduced admin processes

Ensure accuracy and transparency with all overtime hours

Time and Attendance XCD HR Software

Smart companies choose XCD

Michael Casanova, HR & Recruitment Manager, epos Now

“XCD is a powerful HR tool - one of the most powerful tools I've used in my 10 years in HR."

Jim Nicholson, Digital Solutions Manager, Eastleigh Borough Council

“XCD is a true single-solution which meant we didn’t need to worry about integration risks and were still able to have all of the functionality we were looking for. The solution has proved to be a major step forward for everyone in Eastleigh Borough Council."

Gillian Horley, HR Systems and Information Officer, Chase de Vere

"Everything you would traditionally have within an employee paper based file can now be contained within the one system. I’ve got the ability to store documents and correspondence, everything is in one place. That’s the advantage, and it’s the same for our employees."

Michelle Slevin, Group Head of HR, Enstar

“I’ve rolled out a variety of solutions during my career and I can honestly say XCD is by far the best. It’s the most customer-focused platform I’ve ever worked with; extremely simple and user friendly – I love it.”


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